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cheap coach outlet Hardy 's jewelery footwear have been a major contributor To the development of high-end garments as an integral part of the overall product category, as the sixth-generation leather goods manufacturer has suggested, In 2006, Jean-Paul Gaultier was responsible for 19% of the brand 's design for ladies' Wear, and rose to 20% in 2011, one year after Christopher Lemaire took the job; Vanhee-Cybulski took over 23% of Lemaire 's position in 2015. While Hermès does not announce individual sales of its footwear, jewelery and garments, the Statement in FY2015 indicates that credit is due to 'The success of the new ready-to-wear collection, especially the Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski's first ready-to-wear line, and the growth of the fashion accessories sector, particularly the footwear Sector, totaled $ 1.1 billion in sales for the same period last year Compared to an increase of 8% .Specifically, the key for the designer series of comments is good and bad, but Vanhee-Cybulski for their brand development opportunities for confidence coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store she'I am very focused' Margiela period 'refers to her ex-employer Margiela began working for Hermès for 20 years, designed by male designers in the period of women' s design. She was immersed in the fashion house called 'Conservatoire' In the fashion archive, to view all the data since the 1930s. 'I would like to recall the history of the design of different women for the fashion house. To some extent, this is to fragile or feminine back to Hermès world. , Vanhee-Cybulski 's design has been emphasizing the fashion house style - the history of equestrian heritage, leather goods, as well as with the color (not only its iconic orange) and textiles deep relationship between. Focus on fabric manufacturing, but to The Hermès really be achieved. 'She said, while warmly out of a three-sided velvet fabric (that is, double-sided cashmere between the two layers of fabric to add a layer), that the fashion house for the fabric of the unique Concerns of the nearly 40-year-old Designers, not only determined to sell high-level clothing coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet to existing loyal customers, but also hope to bring perhaps more like her new customers. 'I really hope that with the current fashion and women want to Wear fashion, 'She said,' I hope that with my generation and the next generation of dialogue, but also with Hermes always want to fashion women 's dialogue.' This is a very interesting group. 'So far, the customer response is Very good, especially Vanhee-Cybulski leather, slit skirt and bell-type blouse and the length of the skirt wipe the calf (the length and riding boots with a special good.) But she also Quickly said that due to the localization of fashion Houses in the retailer (each store manager is responsible for managing their purchases of the store), the visit to different stores also bring different insight: 'Some feedback is very interesting, the United States The customer is very different from the Korean customer in terms Of consumer behavior, 'she said.' But what I learned was that knew exactly they want to wear. You have to be comfortable with the degree of fit coach factory outlet