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The Agricultural Division

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Being distinctively marvelous, as you will identify our artistic touches in landscaped gardens or an event imaginatively decorated by our flowers. Our care extends to the smallest of details, and it shows. The streets and green areas around Jeddah reflect our modern style. Wherever you go, you are sure to enjoy the scents and delights of Alwan around you. 


The Agricultural Division was established with the inauguration of Alwan Est. in 1974. The Division began executing governmental projects around 25 years ago. At that time, the Jeddah Municipality was entrusted with cultivation works...which was the case till the private sector was allowed to execute the cultivation and maintenance works in Jeddah. Alwan was the first enterprise to win this assignment which grew and extended to cover most of the Kingdom in a green coat. This was driven by the extensive efforts, together with refined equipment and highly efficient human cadres. Thus, Alwan was qualified as one of the leading agricultural companies in Saudi Arabia. 

Our activities include: 

point_248627422.jpg Maintenance and irrigation of plants in streets, roundabouts and gardens.

point_248627422.jpg Trimming & artistically shaping hedges & trees.

point_248627422.jpg Controlling agricultural pests. Growing of plant forests.

point_248627422.jpg Nursery establishing and maintenance.   

Our Major Agricultural Projects:

point_248627422.jpg Irrigation and maintenance of Jeddah’s streets and gardens.

point_248627422.jpg Cultivation, maintenance and irrigation of Makkah’s streets and gardens.

point_248627422.jpg Cultivation and maintenance of Riyadh’s streets. Construction of the glass greenhouse at Umm Al Qora University.

point_248627422.jpg Construction and maintenance of greenhouses and nurseries for the Taef and Jeddah Municipalities.