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The Cleaning Division

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Beautification cannot be fully attained without cleanliness. Accordingly, Alwan began its cleaning activities in 1990. However, the division was officially launched in 1992. It is one of our most effective corporate divisions, playing a vital role in the daily communal life at various facilities. The Division shoulders the responsibility of keeping Jeddah clean and free of debris.  

The Cleaning Division renders services such like:

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning streets, roundabouts and open spaces.

point_248627422.jpg Mechanical and manual sweeping.

point_248627422.jpg Garbage collection.

point_248627422.jpg Debris disposal.

point_248627422.jpg Off-loading and removal of garbage containers.

point_248627422.jpg Suction of rainwater and leakage.   

Major Projects Undertaken By the Cleaning Division: 

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning projects across the entire Jeddah Southern Sector.

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning projects for both Northern and Southern Jeddah Sectors.

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning project of the Southern Sector of the Jazan Region.

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning project of the Khashm Al Aan Residential City, Riyadh (A property of the National 


point_248627422.jpg General Cleaning Project for Makkah Al-Mokaramah & Holy Places 1431 / 1435 HD