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The Construction Division

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Success breads even greater success. This is the case with Alwan. The ever growing corporate success encouraged us to expand our business to include construction contracts in 1981. Due to the urbanization boom then lived by the Kingdom; a special division was dedicated to this activity in 2002. It is geared to meet the huge increase and high demand in various construction projects, infra-structure, contracting and operation & maintenance works. The Division executed so many contracts as the lead contractor all over the Kingdom. Currently, it is engaged in the execution of projects with the highest quality standards employing qualified technical and administrative staff duly supported by the latest systems. 

The most important projects executed by this Division include:

point_248627422.jpg Beautification works to the teaching staff residential compound, King Abdul Aziz University.

point_248627422.jpg Coverage and repair works for the northern storm water canal, Jeddah (All three phases).

point_248627422.jpg Construction of buildings to house the Faculty of Medicine & Medical Sciences, Jazan University.

point_248627422.jpg Construction of transitional stations for garbage collection in Jeddah.

point_248627422.jpg Infra-structure development for the Collegiate Studies Center, Female Section, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah.

point_248627422.jpg Construction of buildings and piscicultural unit at the Faculty of Marine Sciences, Jeddah.