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From a single seed

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Eng. Ibraheem Alwan had great aspirations many years ago, which he single handedly realized in 1974. By carrying the message of environmentalists early on, Eng. Ibraheem conveyed his message to the city of Jeddah and spread it across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He managed to overcome the obstacles, putting forward all his resources and efforts and standing firmly in his pursuit of his dreams.  

The result is a thriving green metropolis in style and full harmony in an otherwise dessert land. This wasn’t an easy achievement given the harsh climate, water shortage and limited resources. However, Eng. Alwan’s everlasting principle is that: The home land is worthy of our finest efforts. 

Eng. Ibraheem Ali Amir Alwan established a private Saudi company which he carefully and relentlessly fostered to the present major enterprise which is actively covering a magnitude of fields such as agriculture, irrigation, cleaning, infra-structure and more... 

The Alwan Company runs a score of major projects of vital importance, relying on the latest technologies and a most qualified and experienced staff to keep abreast with the vast progress lived by Saudi Arabia. 

Thus, what was once a dream materialized into realty and the single seed sown yielded green fields.