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The Gardens & Interior Flora Section

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Water, fresh air and beautiful scenery …. Inspired by nature, we create private heavens to those who seek it in their homes. The Section undertakes the execution of projects aimed at establishing private gardens and maintenance of existing ones in line with latest agricultural technologies. The Section adds vitality and aesthetic touches to buildings and facilities with a proven track record in this area. Our services include garden design and plotting; starting with the preparation of soil and irrigation systems through to care and maintenance of the grown garden. Equally, existing gardens are maintained, re-designed and/or re-adapted as per the latest techniques. Besides, interior flora are planted and arranged in accordance with the prevailing climate conditions and the flow of movement within the location. They also receive periodic maintenance by well-trained agrarian labor, duly supervised by specialized agricultural engineers.

The major projects undertaken by this Section include:

point_248627422.jpg Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters.

point_248627422.jpg The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.

point_248627422.jpg The Effat College.

point_248627422.jpg The Saudi Importation Company Head Office Al Jazeerah Agencies offices

point_248627422.jpg The Obhur Resort