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Party Land

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A happy soul lightens the heart. The Section is a branch of the U.S. based Party Land Agency. An agreement was signed in 2006 to appoint Alwan as the General Sales Agent for Party Land in the Region. The Section organizes private parties and special events like anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, festivals, celebrations … etc. The event will be fully equipped from equipments, systems and decoration accessories in addition to the execution team which comprises creative professionals who are well-seasoned in designing and implementing events. We also offer another team of professionals specialized in acrobatic shows and other crowd pleasing activities.

The major projects undertaken by this Section include –but not limited to- the following:

point_248627422.jpg The first launching of Jeddah summer festival “Jeddah Ghair”.

point_248627422.jpg All events staged by the Saudi Al Ittihad Club.

point_248627422.jpg The International Heart Day at Al Tahlia Center.

point_248627422.jpg The International Milk Day at Red Sea Mall.