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The Special Cleaning Section

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“Cleanliness tells about the place.” 
We believe and adhere to this in our Cleaning Section. The Section offers two types of cleaning services viz. general services and commercial services. 



The General Services:

Here, the functions include supplying regular garbage and offal containers for many businesses such as:

point_248627422.jpg Fast food restaurants

point_248627422.jpg Superstores

point_248627422.jpg Hotels and furnished apartments

point_248627422.jpg Residential complexes

point_248627422.jpg Resorts and recreation parks

In addition to the supply of solid refuse and debris containers for many contracting companies to help remove debris and disposables from construction sites. 

The Commercial Services:

This activity covers the following:

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning glass facets

point_248627422.jpg Cleaning ad signs and displays

point_248627422.jpg Pest control

point_248627422.jpg Supplying trained janitorial labor to malls, private schools and parks.

Some of the major projects executed by this Section include:

point_248627422.jpg All Centre Point branches in Jeddah, Taef and Yanbu.

point_248627422.jpg Sultan Mall, Jeddah. Coral Mall, Jeddah.

point_248627422.jpg Jeddah Knowledge International Schools, Jeddah.